All about renewals in 2021

Whether you're planning to renew or not, this page includes all the info you need

What's the process of renewing?

  1. Contact us to let us know if you want to renew by no later than 17th October.
  2. Ideally you would renew as a whole house (i.e. every room needs to be filled) making sure to find a replacement for anyone who isn’t renewing in your house. However, if you are not able to renew as a whole house but are still interested in renewing please contact using the above link and we will review each request to see if this is possible.
  3. We’ll send out contracts to everyone via email and then you’re all done!

What happens if you're not renewing?

We know that sometimes your current house just isn’t the right fit, which is why our friendly sales team is on hand to assist you in your next move. The sooner you let us know you aren’t renewing the sooner we can look to re-let your home and be out of your hair! 

If you know for sure that you don’t want to renew drop us an email to confirm (you can just reply to the email in your inbox or email

Unsure if you want to renew or not?

Not to worry if you’re not sure about what you want to do, no one will be able to apply for your house until 17th October. You can view other CSL houses we have plenty of 360 video tours and we can arrange for viewings. Contact us on and we can discuss options you have and this gives you chance to decide whether you want to stay or not.

Other people may request to view your property however you will have first refusal on the property up to 17th October. We will ensure any physical viewings are carried out via the governments COVID safety advice.


You will have first refusal on your home up to 17th October however should someone want to view your house before you have confirmed renewal we will allow them to view your house but they wont be allowed to apply for your home until after 17th October. For all physical viewings you will be given 24 hours notice with details on how this will work in accordance with England government COVID safety procedures.

Fancy £25 each for you and a friend?

All you need to do is to tell freshers, friends, classmates – any students – that CSL have great homes available and point them in the direction of our website to book some viewings. Once you have told someone about CSL, quickly fill in your details on the link below. When they sign up for a house with CSL we will contact you to give you both your £25 reward.

This fantastic offer will only be running until the end of November so don’t wait too long to get involved!

Terms and conditions

The person you are referring must not be a current CSL tenant.
This is only available on selected premium houses which will be discussed on viewing enquiries.
You will each get £25 if the viewings are booked by end of November and the new tenant’s contract is signed within 7 days of viewing.
The rewards will be paid within a month of the tenant signing up.

Why are viewings taking place so early?

There are a few reasons why. One is that all of the Chester private accommodation goes to market this soon – we’d love to delay, but that would prevent you from getting a lovely CSL house. The other reason is that as term goes on, you’ll be getting more in the rhythm of exams and important coursework, and we want to cause as little disruption as possible. Getting viewings over and done with now, means that you can relax for the rest of the year. If you want to avoid too much disruption, then you can help out by making sure your house is clean and tidy, and looking lovely, so it’s more appealing to prospective tenants.