Your inventory

Once you have clicked the button below, you will be taken to a form to complete. It isn’t essential to complete this, but if you do not, we’ll assume everything in the house is in good condition and that is how it should be when you move out.

Remember that any repairs will still need to be logged on your Arthur app.


This is a Google form, it will ask you questions to answer:

  • Some questions are compulsory, e.g. your name and property address
  • Only one person needs to let us know about the communal areas
  • If you select “other” please give details about location and description of issue


An inventory is not to report repairs, we are unlikely to check your inventories to look for repairs – therefore, anything you would like fixing or looking at please report as a task on Arthur.

It should all be very straightforward, but just contact us if you have any questions.