All about Hoole

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The most well-known student houses in Hoole are located amongst Ermine Road, Brook Street, Black Diamond Street and St Anne Street. Hoole is only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, yet the mood is far more relaxed and laid-back, with an abundance of trendy places to shop, eat and drink.

Istanbul BBQ is a student favourite, offering flame grilled kebabs and home-made pizzas cooked right in front of you. Situated on Brook Street, it’s also around the corner from The Live Rooms and Chester Train Station. There are a variety of eclectic food shops here selling all sorts of exotic delicacies if you’re looking for something a bit different.

Like the lovely residents, the shops are a driving factor in Hoole’s appeal, with a truly charming juxtaposition of traditional fishmongers, bakers and green grocers alongside upmarket cocktail bars, delis and even award winning restaurants. Speaking of awards, Hoole’s Faulkner Street won 2016’s Great British High Street.

With a great mix of terraced houses full of old school Victorian and Edwardian charm as well as modern penthouse apartments, there is something for everyone in the place the locals call ‘Notting-Hoole’.

If you ever get bored of all the great shops and bars (we’ve done tests, it’s scientifically impossible) there are also great events on throughout the year. Our favourites are the May Festival, the Community BBQ, bonfire night and the switching on of the Hoole Christmas lights.

A trip to Parkgate Road campus is a scenic 25 minute walk down the canal, with Riverside and Queens Park campuses 30 minutes away, Kingsway 20 minutes. The Thornton Science Park is accessible via a 25 minute bus from Parkgate Campus.

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